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ReWeaving Camp Waitlist Signup

Applications are now closed.
However, join the waitlist by
filling out the online form below.

Camp Dates:
Dinner July 2 - July 10 Lunch

You will receive notification about your acceptance to camp by June 3rd.

Please read this entire invitation before calling or emailing
us with questions. It likely contains the answers you seek.

This is not a first-come, first-serve process.
We consider camp a growthful, co-creation of all who show up.
We limit the size of camp to enhance community connection.
For this reason we have an application process rather than a first-come first-served setup .
We appreciate your participation and patience.

We hold camp for 8 days this year.

To establish a bond of trust, mutual respect, safety, and loving kindness, we request all attendees be present by 7:00PM Friday, July 2nd. You must be present by Saturday, July 3rd, 9:00AM. Please inform the registrar if your time of arrival is not by July 2nd, 7:00PM.  We welcome your arrival after 2:00PM on Friday. Register, set up your campsite, then join us for dinner at 6:00PM, followed by the evening program.

Once you get your confirmation letter, ReWeaving Camp sliding scale fees are
Dinner July 2nd - July 10th lunch $575 - $1100
18-35 year olds: $475 - $800

The full fee is paid for any portion of the camp attended. There is no daily rate or pro-rated fee structure.

About Vaccines

In the application form, there's a place where we ask you to email an image of your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, which contains the manufacturer's lot numbers for your jab(s). Because camp starts July 2nd, and all vaccines require a two-week post-last-jab window before becoming fully effective, the last date to get your shot (2nd for Pfizer and Moderna, single for J&J) is June 18th. All applicants will be put on hold until their card image is submitted.

What Happens Next

After you submit your application, we will review and let you know by June 3rd. Please be sure we receive your payment by June 10th, either by sending us a check or using our online option (info in your confirmation letter), or we'll release your space. If you can't pay in full by June 10th, a $100 deposit (and a conversation with us about when you can pay in full) will hold your space.

ReWeaving Camp Sponsorships

We do our best to facilitate a limited number of partial sponsorships for those who require them. Contact the sponsorship coordinator for help by emailing .

Use the Waitlist Form Here

Contact us if you have questions: